Central Military Hospital, Střešovice
Main building designer
Construction period
1988 – 1992
Activities undertaken

update and supplement to the construction brief, architectural study, project documentation for the urban planning and building permit submissions, working documentation, complete interior design and portfolio of artistic works

Construction cost
CZK 1.9 billion

Other works: site management by the head designer, preparation of construction works documentation and working drawings, site inspections and coordination activities by the project designer

Although the project for the construction of a new surgery pavilion started during the period of the Velvet Revolution, the construction work was completed under new political and economic conditions that made it significantly easier to use new building technologies and materials as well as foreign expertise in both the design process and the construction work. The building is also exceptional because of the enormous concentration of the latest medical and healthcare equipment in one single building. The Surgery Pavilion has become the heart of the hospital, housing all essential examination and treatment units, including a traumatology unit, a full radio-diagnostic unit with magnetic resonance imaging, super aseptic operation theatres and an intensive care unit. The difficulty in designing the pavilion is also demonstrated by a heliport on the roof of the building and a large conference hall on the lowest floor. The load-bearing reinforced-concrete skeleton with 15 m spans is unique. This design was made possible using inserted building services and installation floors with reinforced concrete walls arranged in the shape of a cross, creating a rigid honeycomb structure in the position of the columns. The large spans allow great adaptability in the floor plan arrangements on each floor level and easy maintenance and repair of building services and installations without seriously disrupting the operation of the pavilion. The new pavilion is also remarkable for its interior design and unconventional, striking colour scheme that, together with works of art, create a pleasant environment for patients in this extensive hospital complex.

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