Forsea, s.r.o. (HB Reavis CZ)
Main building designer
Construction period
06/2013 – 04/2015
Activities undertaken

Building Permit documentation, Construction documentation, Author’s supervision

Construction cost
CZK 1.2 billlion

The newly constructed administration building, complimented with retail space, is located in the immediate vicinity of Nové Butovice metro station, between Bucharova, Petžílkova and Na Zlatě streets. On the south side it adjoins the space in front of the entrance hall of the metro station, with the intention of increasing the area of the promenade, which is the imaginary connecting line between the metro station and the city hall building. The public space on the ground floor is connected to the city’s communication network. The architectonic concept is based on the idea of three towers of different heights and slenderness, which consist of delicate ground-floor bases comprising an open parking area and retreating entrance lobbes. The above-ground section of the building is physically divided into three independent office buildings (Alpha, Beta and Gamma) interconnected by joining necks. The physical part of the building upwards recedes to form a smaller space of the two highest floors. Under the building, three floors serve as parking and technical support areas for the building. The individual sections of the buildings have 8, 9 or 10 floors. Parking and technical areas are located on the third underground floor. On the southern side of the underground, which is accessible from the boulevard, are situated rentable spaces that are directly accessible from the metro exit.

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