Plzeň Urban Planning and Development Institute
Main building designer
Construction period
Activities undertaken

architectural feasibility study

Construction cost
approx. CZK 0.6 billion

The former administrative building of Škoda Holding is situated at the edge of the Škoda works complex, close to the city centre. Because of the building’s size and position, it was offered to Plzeň Municipal Council to provide an opportunity for housing all the departments and contributory organisations of the Municipal Council under one roof. The building is located in an area which, for many Plzeň inhabitants, symbolises a point of contact with employment, tradition and industry in the city. The architectural feasibility study proposed two alternatives for the use of the building by the Municipal Council. The first alternative proposed the reconstruction of the building, increasing its height by one-and-a-half storeys and mostly retaining the original exterior appearance of the building. This would allow the creation of a large room with counters, storage areas and offices and the adjustment of the height of the first floor. The second alternative would be to demolish the existing building and construct a new building that would meet the requirements of the Municipal Council as a council building providing space for about 600 employees. In terms of capacity, both alternatives would basically be the same, providing the same functional and occupational traffic options.

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