IPB Real, a. s., Prague 1
Main building designer
Construction period
February 2002 – May 2003
Activities undertaken

study, design for the building permit, execution plan

Construction cost
CZK 220 million

The building plot of residential block C6 is a part of the Zelené údolí residential complex in Prague 4, which is bordered by Vídeňská ulice, Kunratice forest or Kunratice stream, and by the new buildings of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine. The terrain of the whole area slopes towards the northeast. The structure designated C6 comprises six residential buildings, which are linked to each other and form an open block. The buildings consist of four ground floors, finished with one retreating floor. The terrain at the location of the block slopes gently and the buildings follow this slope. The barrier-free access to each building is ensured either directly through the main entrance from the pavement or, exceptionally, from passable garages. The moderate architectural design of the buildings is of a classical composition based on the base arrangement, middle part and retreating floor. Above the terrain, the base creates partially-protruding first underground and ground floors. The smooth front face of houses with the windows openings also contain balconies, loggias and more-or-less protruding blocks of staircases towards the interior of the block. The third end section comprises a retreating fifth floor with saddle roofs. This is a staircase type of residential house. A characteristic is the diversity of apartment layouts in the individual buildings. The apartments range from small bachelor flats up to large five-room flats and two-floor maisonettes.

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