Semily Regional Hospital
Main building designer
Construction period
August 1994 – March 1995
Activities undertaken

study for the development of the complex and operation theatres building, project documentation for the urban planning and building permit submissions, working documentation, site management by the Head Designer, preparation of construction works documentation

Construction cost
CZK 85 million

The third stage of the project to revitalise the Semily hospital complex involved sites situated higher on the south-east slope with the view of the valley of Jizera river valley. The new pavilion incorporates wards and the Internal Medicine Outpatient Unit with a biochemistry laboratories section. Siting the new building required a sensitive approach to the unique and dynamic terrain and the general layout of the hospital complex. The pavilion consists of two architecturally different sections unified by the style and material of the facades. The longer section, housing wards, basically resembles the original laboratory building, while the other section, with its stairwell structure and windows reflected in the facade, clearly indicates that it is the outpatient and communication section. The facing masonry, which was used in the construction of the operating theatres, is the main unifying element in the architectural concept of the hospital complex. It was also used in the construction of the Internal Medicine Pavilion, particularly inside the entrance hall and the halls on the upper floors. White facade rings, window frames and plastered areas increase the general bright appearance of the whole building. For the operation of the hospital it was important and essential, given the local climatic conditions, to add an overhead covered passageway to provide connection to other pavilions in the hospital complex. Construction data: Built-up volume: 12,000 m3 Built-up area: 800 m2 Typical units: Number of beds: 36 Number of examination rooms: 4 Clinical laboratories: usable area 250 m2

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